Monday, April 22, 2013

NS/PLKN 10 years friendship and bachelorette celebration!!

Um, Its shocking and sad yet exhilarating to know that i was once in National Service (NS) and Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) . Um, Its been 10YEARS since that 3months came and gone. Some of the friends that i made there i thought would last a life time, however, some contacts were lost along the years . But i am very happy to have know and kept these crazzzy bunch of people thought out the years !! Izzah and i actually went wwwwaaaaayyyyyy back!! hahaha , We knew each other since standard 1 and Firdaus 'Dos' and Atiqah 'Iqa' and us have all met during our NS training. 

Every year we would somehow meet up for lunch , dinner and have a session of karaoke here and there . Since our dearest Iqa was getting married soon, we all decided to have another meetup. What was suppose to be our regular meetup soon turned to be a bachelorette party!! However, since everyone was kinda in a saving mood, i suggested a budget meetup. But the extravagance of the meetup could not have been what it had been if not for the awesome Dos !!!
Izzah, with her ballons that made the party colourful..!!!!
Me being fun and funny with the balloons ...!!! Kinda felt like the cartoon UP.. =)

What a party without cakes or since there was only 4 of us we opp for cupcakes. I even had a cute cake topper for the bride to be ..!!! hehehe ... that says 
"Let the fun begin!!"
SInce the meetup was what was planned , the bride to be was lurred with a pretax that it was like any normal meetup that we had. With the help of the gang we book a karaoke place for 4hours, izza and me ran around and got pizza's, cupcakes, balloons, and even went to Ikea in a mad dash run and got some last minute gives that i had instore for all of them . 

Izza and I arrived first and started putting everything together !! hehehe WHile we were doing that Dos was distracting my bride to be and soon brought her over to the karaoke room that we booked. boy was she surprised!!! hahaha ... But as soon as she came in everyone was excited and happy with everything from the food, decorations and i just the "LOVE"  that filled the room..=). Since everyone was famished, we all attacked and i mean litereally.. ATTACKED the pizza and chicken wings !!
hehehe After we surprised Iqa and we took a picture for our memories for years to come!!
While we ate, laugh , and toasted ourselves with ice lemon tea and sparkling grape juice, we were taking turns singing out lovable songs..=).. We even went down memory lane with songs from back in the days . And out awesome Dos even serenaded us ladies with a perfect rendition of Anuar Zain songs that made us all squealed..!! hahaha Mayb squealing was a bit much but we were all into his rendition!!As always everytime we meet up its awesome, but this took the cake !!
Lolz, while Dos serenaded us with his rendition, the Bride-to-be serenaded
her favourite male  malaysian performer .. hahaha .. Luv you babe !!
In between singing, eating and just enjoying ourselves we would all take pictures with each other ..=).. Um, just to see how far all of us have come is just awesome!!
Since i won my polaroid Instax camera at FFS christmas dinner last year, i have been loving it soo much that i share my happiness with people around me with a picture of them and some memorable frame/message board. Some of my friends appreciate these small efforts that i make and some just think its a cheap gift. Either way its a gift from my heart and since i mainly see these people about a few times a year, what better way to make the 10th year a memorable one, ... With a message board frame for each one of them and a special one for the bride to be form ALL of us !!Since, polaroid are taken instantly, my frames was also made on the spot !! and i love everyone's reactions to it !! I appreciated it even more that they truly were loving the idea and gift.. God bless u guys!!
The one that i didnt had time to snapped was Izza's frame that i made ,, huhuhuh.. Lolz
All of us happy that we have known each other 10 years.. By this time because of the
Bride to be all of us had tears in our eyes !!! huhuuh
Of course, when i plann anything in my life ... No one goes home empty handed. So each one if us all went home with a "1" and "0" butter cookies that of us meant to say we're celebrating out 10th year anniversary friendship and a fortune cookie to tell our fortune for the year to come.. hehehe .. But i dont remember what all of us  cookies saying even mine.. Oopsy !! but im thinking of trying to make my own cookies !! Well i'll try soon enough !! 
Funny enough the bride to be sent her wedding invitation about a week plus before the meet up however , i received mine on the day of the meetup itself ...
It may have been a coincidence... lols, but always i love everyone of u .. and i Truly cant wait for out next meetup .. Who knows a walk down memopry lane at the place we all first met in Peladang Agro Setiu Resort perhaps ?? Lolz.. We'll see ... Bless everyone !! cheers !!

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